Queen tribute band Killer Queen has a long history of its own

We didn’t come together with a view to forming a 25-year-running tribute band,” said Patrick Myers, frontman of the London-based Queen tribute band Killer Queen, prior to recent gigs in New Jersey. They just put tickets on sale for another one, too, July 15 at the Ocean City Music Pier.)

“We were not familiar with the term ‘tribute band’ when we first thought of doing this, because there weren’t that many,” he continued. “As a matter of fact, there weren’t any, because there wasn’t a scene for that of any sort. It was as simple as the fact that we left home as kids and had just gotten a hold of a residence and about eight weeks later we had gotten the news that Freddie (Mercury) died. We realized that we were literally the first generation that wouldn’t see Queen live, because there wouldn’t be another tour.


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