Dr. Fink: on Madonna’s Billboard Music Awards Tribute

Gary Graff, 5/24/2016

A key member of Prince’s Revolution enjoyed Madonna’s Billboard Music Awards tribute to the late superstar. But he felt there was room for improvement, too.
Revolution keyboardist “Doctor” Matt Fink, who continued playing with Prince for five years after the Prince dissolved the band in 1986, is threading the needle between critics who loved Madonna’s performance and fans on social media who have been caustically critical.

“I’m a huge Madonna fan, always have been, and I know her heart was in, all of it,” Fink tells Billboard. “My own personal opinion was I wish she’d done more of a medley, maybe, not just ‘Nothing Compares’ and go right into ‘Purple Rain’ with Stevie Wonder. I thought there should have been more thought put into it as a real tribute, give the fans more than two songs. Maybe she should’ve done three or four where it’s more medley style and culminating with ‘Purple Rain.'”

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