“Afro-American music—the great fusion that gave us jazz, blues and rock and roll—is captured in its purest form by The Persuasions. For decades, they have been taking a-cappella music to ever-new heights, reminding generations of musicians that the human voice is the subtlest and most powerful of all instruments. I feel honoured to have been able to invite them to play here in England and to watch yet another generation fall under their spell.”

— Brian Eno, record producer and guest artistic director, 2010 Brighton Festival, England

“One of the musical thrills of my life was presenting the Persuasions in our concert series here at McMillan Library. Our central Wisconsin audience was enthralled from the first note. Their versatility, showmanship, and sheer talent are breathtaking. The Persuasions are great people as well as great musicians. You will never meet a nicer group of guys.”

— Ron McCabe, Director, McMillan Memorial Library, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

“The Persuasions were joyous, entertaining, and touched the hearts of our audience in ways that reminded us why we love presenting live music. I can’t remember a show where the audience sang as loud, laughed as hard and simply enjoyed themselves as deeply as the ninety minutes they spent with “Sweet Joe” Russell and the guys. Thanks again and be sure to put us on the list for next year.”

— David Lavalley, Executive Director, TCAN Center for Arts, Natick, MA



With a career spanning half a century and showing no signs of retiring any time soon, the Persuasions continue to take on new and exciting musical projects.

Long acknowledged as the “Kings of A Cappella” and induced into the Rock and Roll Doo Wop Hall Of Fame, The Persuasions come from a strong history and deep background in church-based music. Their singing, style and musical inventory has always included the heavy influence of gospel, a major measure soul, and a dose of pop. Their legendarily eclectic repertoire has drawn from everything from Sam Cooke to The Temptations to Kurt Weill to Zappa; from country to blues to gospel to rock to jazz.

Since the departure of lead singer Jerry Lawson, the “Pers” have regrouped and continue to perform nationwide to rave reviews. Continuing the tradition of in-house self-arranging and producing, the group is now joined by Dave Revels, former member of the Drifters and long time Persuasions friend (who sang with them on their Beatles tribute CD and later arranged and produced their U2 tribute CD) as producer/arranger of the group’s recording projects, along with Jimmy Hayes. Hayes anchors the songs with his “bom-bom-bom” bass patterns while Cliff Dawson, B.J. Jones, and Raymond Sanders coo in sweet, billowing harmony behind lead singer Dave Revels. The five men merge their voices rapturously on the songs’ choruses.






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