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As much as anyone, Leiber and Stoler invented Rock ‘n’ Roll. their timeless songs provide the basis for this electrifying entertainment that had critics raving and audiences stampeding the box office during its record-braking Broadway run.

Smokey Joe’s Cafe was conceived by Stephen Helper, Jack Viertel, and Otis Sallid. Presented in a revue format with no unifying theme, featuring nearly 40 of the greatest songs ever recorded, sung by members of the cast in various combinations, with no dialogue including hits such as “On Broadway,” “Hound Dog,” “Jailhouse Rock,” “Stand By Me,” “Spanish Harlem,” “Love Potion #9,” and “I’m A Woman”.
Each song is a trip down the corridors of American culture. Smokey Joe’s Cafe transforms classic pop music into compelling musical theatre.

Celebrating the humor, passion, and heartbreak of everyday life, this classic show is set to thrill a new generation of theatergoers with its enduring themes and searing emotions.

The show is so infectiously fun that it’s easy to see why the original 1995 Broadway incarnation ran for 2,036 performances, still a record for a musical revue.


Act I

“Neighborhood” – Company
“Young Blood” – Adrian with Fred, Ken, Victor
“Falling” – DeLee
“Ruby Baby” – Michael with Adrian, Fred, Ken, Victor
“Dance With Me” – Ken and B.J. with Adrian, Fred, Victor
“Neighborhood (Reprise #1)” – B.J., Brenda, DeLee and Pattie
“Keep On Rollin’” – Victor, Adrian, Ken and Fred
“Searchin’” – Victor With Adrian, Ken and Fred
“Kansas City” – B.J., Pattie and Michael
“Trouble” – DeLee and Brenda
“Love Me/Don’t” – Adrian and Pattie
“Fools Fall In Love” – B.J.
“Poison Ivy” – Ken With Adrian, Fred and Victor
“Don Juan” – Brenda
“Shoppin’ For Clothes” – Victor and Fred With Adrian, Ken and Victor
“I Keep Forgettin’” – Pattie
“On Broadway” – Adrian, Fred, Ken and Victor
“D.W. Washburn” – Victor and the Company
“Saved” – B.J. and the Company

Act II

“Baby, That Is Rock & Roll” – The Company
“Yakety Yak” – The Company
“Charlie Brown” – The Company
“Stay A While” – Piano Player
“Pearl’s A Singer” – Pattie
“Teach Me How To Shimmy” – Michael and Delee With Adrian and Victor
“You’re The Boss” – Fred and Brenda
“Smokey Joe’s Cafe” – The Company
“Loving You” – Ken and the Company
“Treat Me Nice” – Victor
“Hound Dog” – B.J.
“Little Egypt” – Fred With Adrian, Ken, Michael and Victor
“I’m A Woman” – B.J., Brenda, Delee and Pattie
“There Goes My Baby” – Adrian With Fred, Ken, Michael and Victor
“Love Potion #9” – Adrian With Fred, Ken, Michael and Victor
“Some Cats Know” – Brenda
“Jailhouse Rock” – Michael and the Company
“Fools Fall In Love (Reprise)” – B.J.
“Spanish Harlem” – Ken and Brenda
“I (Who Have Nothing)” – Victor
“Neighborhood (Reprise)” – Pattie
“Stand By Me” – Adrian and the Company
“Baby, That Is Rock & Roll” – The Company



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