“…..As though the force of Gravity does not apply”

— Raves the New York Times!


THE BEST of THE BEST… Defying the odds…delivering the Impossible!
Redefining a 4000 year old Tradition – APAP get ready to be BLOWN AWAY by this ONE-OF-A-KIND Artistic Spectacular!




Viktor Kee


Kee combines dance, acrobatics and juggling, all synchronized to music . . . The effect is mesmerizing.
Viktor has pushed the level of artistic expression in juggling to new levels by
standing on the shoulders of his forefathers in the juggling world. For Viktor, the
world of movement and object manipulation is not only external, but also a
physical manifestation of the internal emotional world. It is an ephemeral event
that begs to be experienced viscerally as much as visually.



Viktor Moiseev


Victor not only entertains, but also has done juggling workshops for underprivileged children and teens in Brazil through the Cirque du Monde Organization.
Victor has great stage presence, entertaining millions around the world including stars like; Will Smith, Orlando Bloom, Judi Dench, Zinedine Zidane, Bono, members from the Rolling Stones, Shakira and Ronaldo

Claudius Specht


Simply elegant, contagiously dynamic, and excitingly fast. Claudius Specht’s gentle personal manner onstage is a calming contrast to his focus on blinding speed.
Claudius Specht has performed in many venues such as: Hansa-Varieté-Theater,Friedrichsbau Variete Stuttgart,Circus Roncalli,Big Apple Circus and more!


Kris Kremo


Kris Kremo has performed in major circuses, nightclubs, and variety theaters all over the world, as well as for Queen Elizabeth of England and King Carl Gustav of Sweden. He was featured for a record eleven consecutive years at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas.


Alexander Koblikov


Alexander Koblikov was trained by Yuriy Pozdnyakov at the Kiev state college of variety and circus arts. He has a very solid ten ball stacked multiplex pattern that he can run for over 70 throws. He was on the Top 40 Most Popular Jugglers of the Year chart four years in a row


Françoise Rochais

Françoise Rochais

Defying the laws of gravity, you might think that Francoise Rochais is sorceress. But she is talented juggler! A vital asset: its femininity, charm and talent in an almost exclusively male environment.
Françoise Rochais offers a show that will amaze you. Sticks, umbrellas, flaming torches … Françoise juggling all!


Emile Carey

Emile Carey

He made his circus debut in the Big Apple Circus production of Big Top Doo-Wop in 2001. He has appeared in many television shows in Canada and in Europe (including the French top-rated TV variety show, Le plus grand cabaret du monde), in Rolf Knie’s Salto Natale in Switzerland, and has worked with Cirque du Soleil and Cirque Eloize, among many others.


Niels Duinker

Niels Duinker

Gravity is a Joke!
Niels Duinker has dreamed of becoming a successful international performer since he was 12 years old. Over the last 18 years he has turned that dream into a reality by winning gold medals at major juggling and circus competitions in Europe, Asia and America, and capturing the imagination of audiences around the world.


Paul Ponce


Holding the audience captive with a high speed charismatic presentation. Paul Ponce’s act has been a hit in practically any type of venue around the world, from New York to Tokyo, Melbourne to Monte Carlo, Berlin to Los Angeles. One success after another has led this 6th generation performer to a magnificent career starting at age 7, and leading him to perform at some of the most prestigious stages around the world. A high energy act loved by all and seen by millions around the Globe


Greg Kennedy

Greg Kennedy

International Solo and Team Juggling Champion, is renowned for breaking the barriers of juggling. His award-winning creations landed him a featured role in Cique du Soleil’s Totem. A modern day wizard, Kennedy uses his technical virtuosity sheds light on the physics of these clever and appealing forms.


Bennett Santora


Juniors Juggling Medalist, has a superb technical ability and engaging performance style at a young age. Santora’s impish yet awesome juggling keeps spectators intrigued and entertained. Considered “New York’s Juggling Prodigy,” he has performed at Little Laffs and Jalopy Theater and brings his amazing stunts to play.


Doug Sayers

Doug Sayers

A juggling powerhouse, never ceases to amaze and astound. As solo and team World Champion he puts up numbers for the record books. His talents have been seen at major sporting events such as the NFL. His acts have appeared at festivals and in the corporate arena. Put gravity on hold to catch this act!


Cindy Marvell

Cindy Marvell

The first woman to win the International Juggling Championships, combines technique and style. As a member of the Off Broadway show Lazer Vaudeville she toured theaters and performing arts centers worldwide. She has appeared in numerous PBS Specials, the Edinburgh Fringe, and at the Kennedy Center.

David Ferman

Wowed the crowd on America’s Got Talent. A record-setting 10-ball juggler, he also won the Juniors Championship. His impressive and entertaining routines bring the best of juggling to the stage. He has appeared at festivals, corporate events, and colleges and combines tremendous skill with comedy and extreme stunts.



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