“Drums United takes you on a highspeed ride from continent to continent and introduces you to hundreds of vertiginous rhythms from all directions”

— Hans Invernizzi

“A really amazing journey through the many paths of drums, percussion, and world music. Five stars all the way!!!!”

— Horacio ‘eL NEgRO’ Hernandez

“This group delivers all the beauty the world of percussion has to offer”

— De Slagwerkkrant

“It’s the extraordinary level of playing that makes this group so unique. What else can you expect, if you bring together the finest players and let them do what they do best!”

— The Telegraph



Drums United is an explosive and exciting world-percussion group led by Global Act Award-Winner drummer Lucas van Merwijk. With 8 percussionists from seven different countries, cultures and rhythms, it mixes African, Latin, Spanish and Indian drum traditions with Western drumming, utilizing contemporary electronic options open to the DJ.

Besides the pure energy that it exudes, Drums United conveys the message that people from widely different cultures can be inspired by each other and work in harmony. Drums United occupies a unique place in the world of percussion groups because it combines elements of the rich traditions of percussion with those of song and dance.

Since its inception in 2002, the band has been virtually on tour at all time. Their first program, “World Of Rhythm,” was recorded live and is out on DVD as well as CD.

Lucas van Merwijk • drums
Nils Fischer • Percussion
Pape Thiam • talking drum
Gianna Tam • percussion, vocals
Mathias Holzner ‘Dj Collin Spectre’ • electronics
Marco Toro • percussion
Aly N’Diaye Rose • percussion
Niti Ranjan Biswas • percussion, tabla






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