Doug Church WINS Huge Elvis Tribute Award!

In the first round of Saturday’s competition, which saw 11 contestants competing against each other, Church performed “Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall” in a white jumpsuit.

By the second, Church competed in the top five in a blue jumpsuit and cape, performing Presley’s well-known rendition of gospel-favorite “How Great Thou Art.”

“I get a brick,” said Doug Church.

By brick, he meant the commemorative pavers placed at the base of the bronze Elvis Presley statute in Fairpark by the Tupelo Elvis Presley Club, a single brick placed every year to honor the annual winners of the tribute artists competition that forms the centerpiece of the city’s annual Elvis Festival.

And in 2016, that brick will belong to Church, of Mishawka, Indiana. He took top honors Saturday night in the finals of the tribute artist competition, triumphing out of 11 performers who took the stage that night.

-Caleb Bedillion, Daily Journal

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