Headquartered in Times Square at the heart of New York City, Love Productions delivers breathtaking, original entertainment with international flair to professional theaters, performing arts centers, corporations, educational programs, and charity events worldwide. Producing award-winning projects since 1985, the long list of internationally acclaimed presentations includes Broadway Hits, Concerts, Attractions, Cultural Events, Celebrity Shows, Tribute Shows, Extreme Sports Exhibitions, Circus and Variety Acts, Solo Shows and an array of dance in all its forms. With a focus on cultural fusion, Love Productions brings you an explosion of innovative entertainment. Love Productions is one of the largest producers of Asian attractions. This exclusive connection allows fusions of American and Asian artists, creating shows that combine performing arts such as urban dance funk from New York and acrobatic arts from China or Bollywood dance extravaganza. Take a look at Love News to read about current or past events. Check out our Shows and see where Love Productions can transport your audience around the globe with passionate, distinctive, and unforgettable performances. Love Productions Affiliations Join Our Mailing List
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